MSS Code of Conduct

The reputation and integrity of Morgan Support Services (MSS) are valuable assets that are vital to the agency’s success. Each employee is responsible for conducting our business in a manner that demonstrates a commitment to the highest standards of integrity and quality of service. The Code of Conduct directs the behavior for all MSS staff in the pursuit of this commitment.


As an employee or affiliate of Morgan Support Services, you are expected to comply with the following guidelines.


Compliance with Law, Regulations and Internal Policies and Procedures

A variety of laws applies to MSS and our operations, and some carry criminal penalties. These laws include, but are not limited to, federal and state laws relating to our business. You must comply with all applicable laws, including any professional ethical laws and standards pertaining to professional licensure and delivery of services.


General Employee Conduct

Morgan Support Services expects you to conduct yourself in a businesslike manner. Drinking, gambling, fighting, swearing and similar unprofessional activities are prohibited while on the job.


You must not engage in sexual harassment, or conduct yourself in a way that could be construed as such, i.e. using inappropriate language, keeping or posting inappropriate materials in your work area, etc.


Conflict of Interest

The agency expects that you will perform your duties conscientiously, honestly and in accordance with the best interests of Morgan Support Services. A conflict of interest occurs when your own private interest interferes in any way with the interests of the agency as a whole.


While it is impossible to list all situations, generally a conflict of interest may occur when you or a member of your family has a vested interest in a company or agency that may compete with MSS or with whom MSS may have a business relationship. If you sense that you may be entering into a potential conflict of interest situation, you must immediately communicate with the Personnel Director or the Executive Director.


Outside Activities/Employment

MSS supports your participation in civic, charitable and political activities as long as such participation does not encroach on the time and attention that you are expected to devote to your duties and responsibilities to the agency. Your readiness to help with religious, charitable, educational and civic activities brings credit to Morgan Support Services and is encouraged; however, in doing so, you must not use the agency’s assets or imply (without Executive Director approval), MSS’ sponsorship or support.  You are not forbidden for working for other agencies during your employment with MSS; however, you are required to disclose your employment or any ownership relationships you may have with other agencies that provide services to the same populations who receive services at MSS.  

Privacy and Confidentiality

You will undoubtedly be exposed to varying degrees of confidential information regarding Morgan Support Services, as well as the people we support. You must maintain confidentiality of business information and clinical information unless otherwise directed to disclose such information by agency executives and/or agency legal counsel.


Fair Dealing

It is your responsibility to deal fairly and in good faith with program participants, regulators and business partners. You should never take unfair advantage of anyone through manipulation, misrepresentation, inappropriate threats, fraud, abuse of confidential information, or other related conduct.


Agency Records and Communications

Accurate and reliable records are necessary to meet our legal and financial obligations, as well as to manage the agency’s business. It is your responsibility to complete any documentation honestly, accurately, completely and legibly, and to submit it in a timely manner. You must not engage in any false record or communication of any kind.


Exchange of Gifts, Money, and Gratuities

You are required to refuse any gift, favor, or compensation which might be influential or perceived to be influential in obtaining preferential consideration.  Although as a general practice staff should not accept any gifts from the people we support or their families, the close nature of the relationships fostered through the work we do may at times result in a person or family offering a token of appreciation to staff.  You are required to report to your supervisor any time you are offered gifts to insure that these actions cannot be interpreted as falling outside the boundary of this standard of conduct.  You are forbidden from accepting cash from people we support, their families, or outside supporting agencies at any time during your employment with MSS.  Under no circumstances are you allowed to sell products or services to, or purchase products or services from, the individuals we support.


Personal Fundraising

You may not conduct personal fundraising (for example selling items on behalf of your church or a school) during the times that you are working directly with anyone we support.  You may not ask the people we support, their families, vendors, or outside agencies to contribute to any personal fundraising activities.  You may approach your coworkers during breaks or before or after work with personal fundraising requests; however, any complaints received regarding your personal fundraising activities will be taken seriously and may lead to your being forbidden from engaging in any personal fundraising activities on MSS premises.


Personal Property

You are required to respect the personal property of your peers and the people we support as you would expect your own personal property to be respected.  You must take every measure possible and practical to insure the safety and safe use of the personal property of others.  If you perceive that a peer or a person you support is in possession of personal property on MSS premises or during agency activities that either is likely to be damaged, to be stolen, or to cause harm to anyone, you are required to address the issue either with that person or with your supervisor as appropriate.


Setting Boundaries

It is important in this line of work that you maintain appropriate boundaries between personal and professional relationships.  These relationships include the relationships you have with other employees, the people we support, and other providers.  Crossing these boundaries could lead to a breakdown of the therapeutic relationship necessary for us to provide quality individualized services and at times could lead to your actions being interpreted as being for personal gain rather than for the betterment of the agency and the people we support.  Due to the unique nature of the relationships MSS encourages between staff and the people we support, you are encouraged to speak with your supervisor any time you have questions about whether your words or actions may be in conflict with this standard of conduct.


Agency Property and Resources

Agency equipment, property, and resources are meant for the provision of services and agency-related activities only.  It is unethical to utilize agency equipment, property, and resources for personal use.  You are encouraged to utilize agency resources in a manner that reduces waste, for economic as well as environmental reasons.


Reporting Violations of the Code of Conduct

If you learn of, or suspect that, a violation of the Code of Conduct has occurred or is likely to occur you must immediately report the violation to the Executive Director. Doing so in good faith will not subject you to retaliation in any manner. Reported violations will be investigated and addressed promptly, and will be treated confidentially to the extent possible.