Founded in 2007, Morgan Support Services has quickly become one of the largest providers of Day Support services to individual who have Innovations Waiver funded services through Sandhills Center, Cardinal Innovations Healthcare solutions, Trillium Health Resources, Alliance Behavioral Health, and for those seeking private pay options.

Since opening the doors originally on West Lee Street, Morgan Support Services (MSS) has impacted the lives of nearly 200 people through direct services. Morgan Support Services has been successful in creating an environment that stimulates mind, body, and spirit and focuses on the "small" successes.

Morgan Support Services recognizes that our agency exists for the sole purpose of providing support to people who want help in meeting their personal goals. Our staff and our services are responsive to your needs and desires so that we can design a program with you that will provide you with activities that are meaningful to you. We work closely with you and everyone on your team to identify how our agency can contribute to the development of your person-centered plan and how we can assist you in bringing to life the goals you have chosen to pursue.